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Sat 2011.1.29 Birthday Bunny Burlesque!!

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

It’s almost my birthday (Feb 2) & the start of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Rabbit (Feb 3) – so I’d love you to celebrate with me.

You’re invited to..

Guy’s Birthday Bunny Burlesque Party!!

Saturday 2011.1.29

A night of Oriental desire & gorgeous people!!

Guy Perryman – lounge exotica showtunes
Sayoko Kamei (Inter FM) – shishi soul disco
Professor Electro – spunky pop
And more..

Erochica Bamboo – Tokyo’s #1 erotique burlesque
Deanne Love – electrifying hula hoop act
Egypt – hot electro pop band
Pine – idol boys
Won-kun – cute K-Pop dance show
Bunny Girl – sexy pole dancer

Plus more Burlesque naughtiness..

Ageha Salon, Shibuya
Lounge DJ Floor, Lovers Kissing Booths, Opium Den Bar
B1F 2-20-13 Shibuya-ku Higashi
Tel 03-5766-5911

¥2,000 /1 Drink

It’s the Year of the Rabbit so let’s hope it’s bouncing & bountiful just like happy bonking bunnies!!

Erochica Bamboo

Deanne Love




Sayoko Kamei

Birthday Bunny Boy

Whisky Live! 2011.2.19/20

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

One of my favourite annual events on the Tokyo calendar is back for an extended 2 days this year at a new venue!!
Whisky Live! is on Saturday 19th & Sunday 20th February 2011 at Tokyo Midtown.
I’ll be there again as MC/DJ with loads more new entertainment aswell.
I’ll keep you updated with the latest here over the next few weeks.
In the meantime more info & tickets are available at

Some fun at previous Whisky Lives!

全世界で年々開催地も増え続けているウイスキー業界の一大イベント「ウイスキーライヴ!」。前回は日本での来場者が5,500人を記録するほどとなりました。 開催11回目を迎え、会場をアクセスも便利な東京の中心地である六本木、東京ミッドタウンに移動し、期間も2日間!! さらに前夜祭が催され、ワールド・ウイスキー・アワード(WWA)2011日本地区の結果発表が行われます。 プレゼンテイターには2010年ミスユニバースジャパンの板井麻衣子さんを迎え、ウイスキーライヴ!のスタートを華々しく飾ります。 さらに「WHISKY WEEK」も企画され、2月14日~20日までの一週間をウイスキーで街を彩ります。

Whisky LIVE is the global event of the whisky industry.
The 2010 event in Japan attracted over 5,500 visitors and in February 2011, LIVE moves to Tokyo Midtown, that iconic location in the very heart of Roppongi, and for the first time in Japan, will be held over 2 days.
WHISKY WEEK, from February 14th-20th, will involve whisky promotions at bars, hotels and retailers all over the country.
A VIP Reception on February 18th then marks the opening of the main LIVE event, with the 2011 World Whiskies Awards (WWA) results for Japanese whiskies being announced by the 2010 Miss Universe Japan.
Whisky LIVE itself then runs over the weekend of February 19th & 20th. Visitors can not only enjoy a selection of the best whiskies from all around the world, but a program of Masterclasses, chocolates, cigars, foodstuffs, Scottish & Japanese craft beer and a range of entertainment.

Flying Into 20!!

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Welcome onboard a flight into 2011.
We’re expecting smooth conditions but we could encounter a few bunnie hops, skips & jumps.. so it should be rather fun!!
I have a couple of very unique events planned for January & February 2011 – details here soon.
Please sit back (or get up & dance) & enjoy the onboard inflight entertainment..

Onboard QF22 2010.12.25