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Supersonic Cities

Sunday, September 1st, 2019

Supersonic Cities – the new multi media series of musical shows for jet-setters and cityzens of the world taking off in 2020.

Supersonic Cities adventures are set on the streets and above the skies of the world’s most dynamic cities with a group of cool and quirky show biz characters broadcasting from their 747 Skyliner jet studio Airborne 1.

Using the power of music the cast and crew must stop an evil tycoon who is taking over the world with brainwashing technology invading electronic devices and screens.

Jay Wild – music TV show host.
Tixi To and the Techno Gizmo – mysterious kid with a magical music making machine.
Tamantha Tickle – sassy pop star and master of disguise.
Derek Martini – showbiz singing and dancing man.
Desiree D’Veaux – soul mama.
Ricky Stone – barely living legend rock star.
Lottie Von Hoofendorfin – high octane Hollywood stage director.
The Captain – silver tongued story narrator from the flight deck.
Fancy Poo – evil tycoon.

With original music numbers inspired by 60’s lounge and soundtracks, 70’s disco, 80’s new wave, West Coast rock, Broadway/West End show tunes and introducing Edotronica – a new music genre born in Tokyo mixing elements of traditional Japanese instruments from the Edo era with futuristic electronica.

Created, written and produced by Guy Perryman.

世界を飛び回りライブ中継をお届けする飛行機スタジオ “Airborne 1″ に搭乗する個性的なキャラクター達が、世界各地の都市を舞台に繰り広げる Supersonic Cities シリーズ。
楽曲は、60年代のラウンジやサウンドトラック、70年代ディスコ、80年代のニューウェーブ、ウェストコースト・ロック、ブロードウェー/ウエストエンドの舞台音楽などからインスパイアされたオリジナル楽曲の数々に加え、日本の伝統楽器とエレクトロのビート要素を融合させた新たな音楽ジャンル “Edotronica”。