A night of warm music & cool people

Celebrate the launch of Guy Perryman on-line radio programs


Guy Perryman Membership

2007.11.17 Saturday
Mado Lounge 52F Roppongi Hills Mori Twr
Â¥3,500/1 drink
Print out On The Ground page for free entry!!  Each person must have a printed invitation for free entry to the party.

Your in-flight invite to

after take-off cocktails, first class audio entertainment & membership to the mile high club

dj’s/live – Guy Perryman (warm music) Shane Berry (Trapez Ltd live) Mel Bruce  (deep & sexy) Sota (minimal techno)

& a surprise from London..

2 Responses to “Party!!Party!!Party!!”

  1. Mayumi Minaki says:

    Guy Perryman Membership, please.

  2. TI says:

    Where is the “printable free invitation”? or when is it online?

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