From UK Special – Jet Setting

Ladies & gentlemen welcome aboard flight VS901 for London Heathrow. Great flight, great food, great drinks, great crew, great service, great entertainment, great view – have a look..

Pre-flight cheers!!

Pre-flight snack – Japanese or Western?

Pre-flight snack – Western or Japanese?


On board flight VS901 for London.

2 Responses to “From UK Special – Jet Setting”

  1. tomo says:

    It looks very OISHISO~☆
    I was in London about 5 years ago as a tourist.
    Your pictures make my feeling so nice!!
    I’m looking foward to seeing more pictures&info.

  2. Guy Perryman says:

    Thanks Tomo-san!! Please keep checking the website for more funky stuff from the UK..

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