On Air Everyday Again

After 2 years of launching my new on-line radio programs & slacking off with late night & weekend on-air radio programs I’m very happy (& quite surprised) to announce that I’m returning to live weekday daytime FM radio. From April 1st 2009 I’m going to be on the air in Tokyo on 76.1 Inter FM Monday-Friday 10am-3pm with the program Global Satellite & together again with my lovely co-host Sayoko Kamei. Join us every day (hard at work) for an international mix of music, news, guests & entertainment. And for those of you anywhere in the world who want to listen to programs on-line I’ll continue to upload programs here on my website to Tokyo Expresso, Jet Set UK, Lounge & Air:Line..

4 Responses to “On Air Everyday Again”

  1. crawlingfish says:

    Welcome back!
    It was a big surprise when I found Nightmares on Wax and Hird on playlist.
    I’ve waited so long time for your weekday program.
    Yeah, I breathe music.

  2. Guy Perryman says:

    Thankyou!! I’ll do my best to fight the good fight & get some quality music on the radio – bear with me – it’ll take a couple of weeks to get into the good groove..

  3. MAX says:

    gday.Im Max.I work as a carpenter on houses in shonan /kamakura area.Keep the jazz ,lounge and house coming.great background sound for smashing nails in.love the vibe between you and sayoko.takes me away from blokes world.CHEERS.

  4. Guy Perryman says:

    Hi Max
    Many thanks & we’ll keep the good vibes coming..
    Please build me a beach house oneday!!