Michael Monroe Finland Fest ’09 Guest

An interview with legendary rocker Michael Monroe frontman of Hanoi Rocks who is coming to Japan for Finland Fest ’09 a night of live rock from Finland at Liquid Room, Ebisu Tokyo on Friday May 29. For more info check www.creativeman.co.jp

Michael Monroe.

4 Responses to “Michael Monroe Finland Fest ’09 Guest”

  1. Tomomi says:

    Can’t wait to see him back in Tokyo!!
    He’s the real Rock N’ Roll hero!!!

  2. Jeb says:

    Oh yes!! And he has real rock’n’roll hair!!

  3. Y says:

    We are super happy that we can see his show in Tokyo this month!!! Last month I saw his show in Finland and that was awesome !

  4. Eddie says:

    Looking forward to him coming back out to Hollywood California, he’s one of the better artists to ever grace our Hollywood stage (up there with Jim Morrison)
    rock it Mike rock it!