From UK Special – Southbank Walk

One of my favourite & recommended walks in London is from Big Ben, over Westminster Bridge, all along Southbank to the Tate Modern, over the Millenium Bridge to St Paul’s Cathedral.. let’s go!!
Here’s a whole load of pic’s from the walk & you can also have a listen to some sounds I recorded along the way – click the play button below..

We depart Big Ben at high noon – & just love the majestic sound of the bell chiming.

London icons from Westminster Bridge.

Very gothic image.

Westminster Bridge & Houses Of Parliament from Southbank.

Step off Westminster Bridge onto Southbank & here’s the London Eye, London Aquarium building & art gallery.

London Aquarium.

Art gallery entrance – Salvador Dali is in the house!!

Under the London Eye.

London Eyecons..

Second hand book market under Waterloo Bridge.

Skaters make the most of modern architecture.

Skaters & graffiti.

19th century lamp post & 21st century electric “CD” box.

There’s even a beach on the south bank of the Thames!!

The Thames, St Paul’s Cathedral & the City.

Similar view, different time.

More London icons – Blackfriars Bridge, double decker bus & St Paul’s.

The old & the older Blackfriars Railway Bridge & red pillars.

The red pillars up close.

Looking into windows – people are at work in their offices overlooking Southbank.

Outdoor cafes.

Outdoor pub.

Southwark is one of the oldest parts of London & just off Southbank in the back streets you’ll find the Bishops Of Winchester Palace ruins.

Old & new London icons – the rebuilt Shakespeare Globe Theatre & the recreated power station as the Tate Modern Gallery.

The Tate Modern.

The Tate Modern is free for all but if you want you can make a donation – in a fun way.

Inside the Tate Modern – the old power station turbine hall is now the spectacular main gallery – let’s look at some of the exhibitions I’ve seen over the years..

The most simple concept with the most impact – the red glowing sun, in light fog with mirror ceiling – everyone just wanted to lie on the floor & look up & daydream..

White boxes.

Spiral stairs sculptures.

Spider sculpture.

Spider from the ground.

Under the spider.

Outside the Tate Modern we cross the Millenium footbridge over the Thames.

On the Millenium footbridge walking towards St Paul’s.

Majestic St Paul’s still towers over London.

One side of St Paul’s was being restored & the boarding was painted appropriately.

St Paul’s up close. Time your walk so you arrive at 5pm – most days you’ll catch evensong with the choir singing – a truly sublime experience.

As the sun sets we walk back along Southbank – here is a view of Festival Pier & Embankment.

Hungerford Bridge.

On certain evenings of the week you can catch free concerts in Queen Elizabeth Hall – here we enjoyed a choral group – have a listen to a quick sample of their sound I recorded – click on the play button below..

Outside Queen Elizabeth Hall is this fun sculpture deck & bar – love the legs in the air!!

Walking over Hungerford Bridge & a spectacular London night view.

We’re now back on Embankment side & a well deserved drink in the amazing old cellars & caverns of an ancient pub!! What a walk – what a day – highly recommended.

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