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Coming to the end of our 2 fantastic weeks in the UK – Mari & I spend some amazing time in East London & meet some amazing people. I realize once again that the most interesting thing about traveling & experiencing new places is not the place itself but the people you meet. And when you don’t live in a city sometimes just being a transient passenger means you have the openness & freedom to talk with & meet more people at random. Click on the play button below & listen to us chat with a few people we met at random in East London. With all the amazing things London & the UK has to offer Mari & I both agree that the most special times we’ll always remember were the unplanned moments with the people we met & shared the experience with..

Tube, bus, cab or walk – East London is easy to get to & get around – off we go!!

Guy & Mari hit Spitalfields Markets, Brick Lane, Cafe 1001 & just hang out with loads of cool people on a Sunday afternoon. There’s tons to see – market stalls from flea markets to cutting edge new designers, shop if you want or just chill out & have a beer in the outdoor beer gardens, cafes, bars & pubs – listen to music from DJ’s or street musicians & watch all the amazing people having a good time..

At 23 Pitfield Street we find a little bit of Japan in the UK – CA4LA hat shop.

Furry beast, Guy & CA4LA store manager Hikaru Sagara – have a listen to why he (Hikaru not the furry beast) loves London – click on the play button below..

Japanese musician Geki – who loves living in East London – have a listen to him explain why & hear these amazing steel drums – click on the play button below..

I meet these lovely people in East London & they invite me to go paddling in their dinghy up Regents Canal on a Sunday afternoon.. err OK!!

And off we go – paddle!!

Mari on board & paddling!!

Dusk & the still waters of Regents Canal. I can’t believe we’re doing this!! Actually other people can’t believe we’re doing this either – people walking by & staring do cheer us on – it’s not everyday you get to paddle in a dinghy up a canal in the middle of London.. is this legal?

Regents Canal & bridge. We take a break from paddling, float for a while in the middle of the canal, share a bottle of wine & a giggle & paddle back to our starting point. A very fun, very random moment in East London – you just never know who you’ll meet & what adventures you’ll have.

There is now so much cool stuff going on in East London & so many people having a good time there Time Out magazine is publishing special East London guides.

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