From UK Special – Time To Jet

Well Mari & I had an amazing 2 weeks in the UK as part of our Jet Set UK radio program/podcast “From UK Special” series & now it is time to jet back to Tokyo. We are both from the UK but both realized that every time we go back to the UK we discover new things & meet new people. It’s the never ending discoveries & amazing array of people that make the UK so interesting & continually exciting. Another thing I really noticed this time was the sense of freedom people have. London is such a diverse city where you have the freedom to be who you want to be & explore whatever lifestyle you want to live. This point was especially highlighted by my new Japanese friends I met in London who were really enjoying their new lives & making the most of the sense of freedom they have in the UK. Japanese people tend to feel very comfortable & welcome in the UK & this creates that sense of freedom & easy lifestyle. If you’re in Japan & have never been to the UK but are interested in travel & discovering new things I highly recommend a trip to the UK. From the traditional “afternoon tea” image of England to the amazing nature of Scotland & the diverse creativity of London you’ll find something that you’ll love. And finally you’ll meet some new people who’ll surprise you & make some new friends who you’ll never forget.. truly what traveling to another culture is all about!! Scroll down these pages & discover 20 “From UK Special” blog reports – I hope you enjoy as much as I did!!

Virgin Atlantic Airways ticket & boarding pass in hand – it’s time to jet!!

Guy & Mari “cheers to UK” at London Heathrow airport.

At LHR watching all the jetsetters & the lovely Virgin jets.

Jet trails in the skies over London.

On board Virgin Atlantic Airways you’ll discover some great in-flight entertainment & every seat has it’s own entertainment system & screen. On this flight I watched the latest James Bond film & the best part was one scene in the film where 007 was on board a Virgin Atlantic flight enjoying a quiet vodka while jetting to a glamorous location – it was a glamorous moment to watch & I was feeling very glamorous too on board my Virgin Atlantic flight!!

On board Virgin Atlantic you’ll also discover some luxurious amenities including the lovely Cow Shed spa products.

Dawn in the sky.

Winging our way & almost back in Tokyo.

Happy trip, happy flight & happy landings – we’re back at Narita & I’m ready to create some more Jet Set UK programs & share some happy moments from the UK with you!!

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