DF25 – Guy Local 3

A mix of local music discovered at Design Festa Vol 25..

2 Responses to “DF25 – Guy Local 3”

  1. ahsian says:

    Hello , Mr.Guyperryman !
    I love this set of music a lot,amesho is really a good band thanks for sharing with us !I love the second song of this set of music.May i know the name for it and the artist ,i really love the song !
    Thanks you very much.

    Your listerner from singapore.

  2. Guy Perryman says:

    Hi Ahsian!!
    Thankyou for message – Amesho are great!!
    The second track in this mix is by an artist called Chiharu Kanuka from her album Partida. She gave me the album when I was DJ’ing at Design Festa but I’m not sure where you can get it now. I’ll try to track her down again..
    Kind regards