Southwark Walk

In London I just walk & walk. After my Tower of London experience I crossed the Thames via Tower Bridge into Southwark & kept on walking..

Tower Bridge from the Tower of London.

Walking Tower Bridge.

Coat of arms on Tower Bridge.

The Tower from Tower Bridge.

Under the towers.

Tower Bridge Victorian drawbridge mechanics.

Southwark streets.

The modern in Southwark.

Spaceage Southwark.

Fake plastic trees.

HMS Belfast & Tower Bridge.

Weatherproof streets.

Borough Market – for fabulous fresh foods.

Replica of Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hinde ship.

I escaped the Tower, but what about the Clink..

Clink Street arch.

Past, present, future Southwark.

Streets & skyline from Southwark.

Time to worship in my cathedral of choice – the Tate Modern. This time in the turbine hall I experience the big box by artist Miroslaw Balka. It is just that – a big steel box, with no light inside, just black velvet lined walls. You walk into the dark abyss. It was brilliant. Can you stop yourself before you crash into something or someone?

Looking heavenward.

The big box exterior.

Looking out from inside the big box.

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