It Began In Africa – Warm Music Mix

Inspired by DJ Boddhi Satva & his deep African beats in Tokyo May 2010 & the World Cup in South Africa June-July 2010 I dug into my vault of favourite African music & memories.
Click on the play button below for a mix that began in Africa..
And there are some more pics from my travels in Africa on the Look page..

A spectacular moment as I take a helicopter ride over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 1999.

Flying over Victoria Falls.

Early Drumming by Emmanuel Mukwiro – a piece I discovered at an arts studio in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe 1999.

It Began In Africa – archive mix track listing:

1. Stewart Copeland – Koteja.
2. Farafina – Faso Denou.
3. Moy Kante – Kissibala.
4. Stewart Copeland – Kemba.
5. Stewart Copeland – Liberte.
6. Tshepsio – Volkstad.
7. Stewart Copeland – African Dream.
8. Stewart Copeland – Samburu Sunset.
9. Neba Solo – Noumou Foly.
10. Bayete – Ten Times Love.
11. Inkunzi Emdaka – Ngeke Kulunge.
12. Tama With Assitan Mama – Sima.
13. Chimora – Romano.
14. Dr Victor – Shambala.
15. Mzwakhe Mbuli – It’s Sad In This World.

Click here for a selection of some of my favourite African music..

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