Alicia Keys Archive Interview

From my interview archive here’s a quick conversation with global R&B superstar Alicia Keys. We met in 2004 backstage at Tokyo International Forum just after Alicia came off stage at one of her sell out shows. I was allocated just 5 minutes with Alicia but she was very cool & stretched it out double time for us.

With Alicia Keys 2004.
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5 Responses to “Alicia Keys Archive Interview”

  1. Alicia Keys has the beauty and voice to match i hope she will be around for a lifetime she ROCKS!

  2. Alicia Keys is my hero. She is beautiful. I am happy to see her wedding photo and she is just wonderful

  3. Alicia Keys is really blessed for having a very good husband aside from having a amazing voice. What else can she asked for? She got everything in life. Happiness, success and health

  4. Fermin Olsen says:

    Alicia Keys. Such an amazing encouragement, every single one of your songs go so deep for me, and mean alot. Your voice is great and your belief in striding on to get what you want is such a boost to my life. Congratulations with the marriage and baby