Fuji Rock Festival Masa Hidaka

July 2011 & it’s almost time for one of my favourite weekends in Japan – Fuji Rock Festival & too much booze, too much work, too much fun..
I’ve gone to 13 of the 14 Fuji Rock Festivals & witnessed how the music festival culture has changed summer time, music & youth culture in Japan.
In July 2010 I sat down & had a quiet chat with the man who started it all – Masa Hidaka of Smash. Click on the play button below to listen..

Keep checking my Lounge set of programs over the next few weeks for interviews & reports & listen to my live broadcasts from the festival on 76.1 Inter FM in Tokyo or online www.interfm.co.jp

Very cool British mens fashion brand Blackbarrett are keeping us cool at Fuji Rock Festival 2011 & Guy Perryman Black Card Members have the chance to win Blackbarrett T-shirts signed by Fuji Rock artists!! More info here soon.
In the meantime have a look at the Blackbarrett collection..


With Masa Hidaka.
Click here for a conversation with Masa Hidaka..

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