Too Much Fuji Rock Fuuuun!!

Having too much fun at Fuji Rock 2010..
Live broadcasts from the Inter FM booth, interviews backstage & dancing ’til dawn..

With !!! Nick & friends at Luli’s ever fabulous Casino Milk Bar!!! Sun’s comin’ up but it’s not time for bed yet kids..

With MGMT.

With Go Chic.

With Matt & Kim (err.. Kim & Matt) & Inter FM’s Yuriko & Ali.

With !!! Nick (here we’re sober) & Yuriko on air at the Inter FM booth.

Yay I finally get to meet & interview Johnny Marr (& he’s a champ!!) with The Cribs & Yuriko on air.

With Taylor Hawkins (on right) & The Coattail Riders on air. Taylor said I must have looked like David Cassidy when I was a kid??

ooooooh.. but he’s got hair.

With Yuriko & French electro poppers Jamaica on air.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis live on air at the Inter FM booth.
I had a brilliant cosmic coincidence during this interview – earlier that day I’d lost my very much loved Japanese fan, which is an essential (or possibly psychological) cooling tool in summertime, but when Lewis was on air he whipped my fan out of his pocket & said he’d found it in the mud at the festival!! Voila – my fan came back to me. But Lewis told me he really loved that fan.. so I had to let him keep it. He was a very happy boy & took a piece of Japan (& a piece of me) back home with him. You can just see my fan sticking out of Lewis’ breast pocket, together with his Camels & chopsticks (in case he gets hungry).

Misty mountains at Naeba. I sometimes spend more time zoning out at this view than watching bands.

There’s a great spider’s web here in the window of the hotel room.

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