Red Dead Redemption

I’ve been having a bit of fun becoming a gamer!! I’ve never really played computer games before but I’m getting introduced to this virtual world with the release of Red Dead Redemption on Thursday 2010.10.7 in Japan.
I recently visited a top secret bunker in Tokyo where a select group of gamers & bloggers were allowed to play & experience this new “wild west” themed game. What struck me amazingly was the cinematic feel of the game – the incredibly realistic CG, characters, animals, landscape, atmosphere, weather patterns & a haunting soundtrack.
A lucky Guy Perryman Black Card Member will win a CD of the original Red Dead Redemption soundtrack created by the critically acclaimed team – composers Bill Elm & Woody Jackson & producer David Holmes.
Send an email to guy@guyperryman asap with your full name & Black Card number to win. Please note only the winner will be notified by email.
Red Dead Redemption got a big thumbs up from the gamers – have a listen to their comments & the Red Dead Redemption theme – click on the play button below..
And get more info about the game at

Click below to listen to gamers comments & Red Dead Redemption theme track..

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