Are You A Yum Spunk?

It ain’t how young you are..

It’s how Yum you are..

Yum Spunks are not spunks because they are good looking, but because you can judge a book by its cover.
Yum Spunks have good manners, but no morals.
Yum Spunks get dressed up to get messed up.
Yum Spunks often go to bed but then get up an hour later because they don’t want to miss out on life.
Yum Spunks never complain about the weather because they frequently dress inappropriately for it.
Yum Spunks do big things but never make a big deal about it.
Yum Spunks don’t get shocked by shocking news.
Yum Spunks are generous but never ask for a return on the investment.
Yum Spunks are never mean, but they tell the truth when they mean it.
Yum Spunks say thankyou without fear.
Yum Spunks say sorry easily.
Yum Spunks forgive because in the future it will be forgettable.
Yum Spunks probably consume too much.. but not too much.
Yum Spunks love sleep, but usually don’t get enough because they know there’s plenty when you’re dead.
Yum Spunks live in the moment because as the saying goes “the past is history, the future is a mystery but the present is a gift”.
Yum Spunks know that experiences are the most valuable possessions you can have.
Yum Spunks work hard & play hard.
Yum Spunks work hard to get the job done quickly.
Yum Spunks play hard because playing is the best fun you can have.
Yum Spunks are jet setters, but still get excited every time they take a trip.
Yum Spunks love fashion – not because it’s fashionable but because if you have to wear something it might as well be better than just something.
Yum Spunks love shagging because they love giving.
Yum Spunks love love because they give loving.
Yum Spunks always tell people they like that they like them.
Yum Spunks laugh a lot because “a giggle a day keeps the wonkies away”.
Yum Spunks don’t listen to music – they feel it.
Yum Spunks love food – not because it fills your stomach but because it fulfills your senses.
Yum Spunks love bicycles, skateboards & rollerskates.
Yum Spunks think skipping is better than running.
Yum Spunks love sharing & giving away the things they love.
Yum Spunks value who they love over who they know.
Yum Spunks value their family – whether given or chosen.
Yum Spunks love their pets because they are not in cages.
Yum Spunks are weird kids because they act like adults & are weird adults because they act like kids.
Yum Spunks think about “Where did we come from?” but don’t really need the answer.
Yum Spunks think religion is redundant but know there is something bigger.
Yum Spunks always know what’s going on in the sky.
Yum Spunks value sunrise just as much as sunset.
Yum Spunks let other people make decisions because Yum Spunks will always do what they want anyway.
Yum Spunks don’t really like being passengers but they do love to sit back & do not much at all while still moving forward.
Yum Spunks don’t mind saying “I don’t know” because they know.
Yum Spunks hate paying phone bills, but they love to talk.
Yum Spunks never say “Just 1” because they know it will always be more than just 1.
Yum Spunks only regret what they didn’t do..

Hmmm are you a Yum Spunk?

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