Ari Up Of The Slits Archive Interview

Very sad news that in October 2010 we lost Ari Up of The Slits. A pioneer from the London punk movement of the 1970’s I was lucky to meet up with Ari Up for a quick conversation in Tokyo in 2007. From my archive I’ve rediscovered this conversation; she was engaging & entertaining. In retrospect I wish I’d asked many more questions but we just didn’t have more time that day – click on the play button below to listen..

With Ari Up – click on the play button below to listen to our quick conversation..
Ari Up

3 Responses to “Ari Up Of The Slits Archive Interview”

  1. yuko ishida says:

    Thank you for this sound file.
    I miss Ari…..

  2. I loved hearing her voice again.. Thanks Guy. We all miss Ari here in Japan and for this reason we have organised a tribute event for her on Friday December 3rd (tomorrow) to say goodbye to her, enjoy her music and videos and collect messages for her family and her band.. Please read the details below. The event is open to everyone and there is no entry charge. Please let everyone know. Thank you.

    To friends/fans of Ari-Up in Japan:

    We are gathering up to say our heartfelt goodbyes to our very special friend Ari Up from the Slits, who sadly passed away on October 20th this year. Most newspapers around the world reported this sad news and some of us lost a very special friend.

    The date we meet is Friday December 3rd from 19:00 to 22:00 at Heaven’s Door, in Shimo Kitazawa, a place she was fond of and the same place we held her after-show party during her last Japan tour. This event will serve as a tribute for Ari bringing closure and the chance to get together after all this time. It is a humble gathering aiming to bring some life into her soul for one more time, with happy memories, music and visuals related to her and her connection with Japan.

    We will be collecting your messages (if you wish to write something), photos if you have any and sent them to her family in LA to let them know how much she will be missed.

    This event is open to everyone and it’s free of charge to enter. We will prepare some of her favorite Japanese snacks to share with our guests and express our goodbyes with dignity, love and a smile, the way she would have liked .. Guests are welcome to bring some food to share as well and drinks can be bought at the bar. You can pop in for a few minutes or stay until the end. You are welcome to take photos, mingle, sing, dance.. it’s flexible, free and positive.

    So.. “Heaven’s Door” opens up for Ari Up in Tokyo on December 3rd with a sayonara from us and plenty of love.

    We thank Paul Davies for making his bar available for this and for his beautiful words and support.

    Place: Heaven’s Door
    Time: 19:00 – 22:00
    Date: December 3rd
    Address: Takimoto Building, 2F, 2-17-10 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 155-0031,

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