NHK TV Program Discover Science

I was very happy & proud to be part of the award winning NHK TV children’s program Discover Science throughout 2010. I was the adult narrator together with my lovely co-narrator 11 year old Rae-chan on the English language version of the show broadcast overseas. We had a great time recording our parts & I only wish that science shows were this cool when I was a kid!!

Discover Science wins awards in Japan & overseas.

3 Responses to “NHK TV Program Discover Science”

  1. Daifeng He says:

    Hi Guy,

    I am a parent who is very interested in watching the “Discover Science” episodes with my young kids. Do you know where I can find the English version of the program? I live in the US.

    Thank you very much.


    • Guy Perryman says:

      Many thanks for your message. The programs were originally broadcast globally on NHK World on-line channel, I’m contacting the producer to see if they are still available to watch. Shall reply again.

  2. Guy Perryman says:

    Hi again
    At this time Discover Science is only available online in Japanese…