Singer, Dancer, Actor Superstar Charice

I met up with the teeny weeny & total sweetie Charice on Friday 2010.12.17 at her record label HQ in Tokyo. She talked about surviving life’s challenges, her love of dancing & working on the TV show Glee!!
Click on the play button below to listen..

Click here for Charice..

20 Responses to “Singer, Dancer, Actor Superstar Charice”

  1. WebScribes says:

    Another great interview – serious questions with sincere answers. We love you Cha!! WOW, great tile for the new song – sounds fantastic!!!!

  2. robee says:

    love charice

  3. Chadav says:

    Very nice song preview indeed but i hope the rest of the song would be more faster like Lady Gaga Poker Face … Charice is very capable of these and i see she has fun with faster songs.. 🙂

  4. USChariceFan says:

    Arigato gozaimazu teh Charice & Gary! Luv Tokyo!
    Merry X’mas to y’all!

  5. TheAlibang2 says:

    What an interview!!! I loved it snd you can tell how sincere she is and she can do an impromptu song. I have never listened an interview where you can readily requst a song and she will deliver it so great and in acappella.

  6. Momo says:

    I love the new song. My type of music. Nice interview. I love Japan.

  7. Marietta says:

    Wow and Wow. Very down to earth answers from our dear girl Charice…She is really worth emulating. A very good model for her generation..Keep it up Girl!

  8. kyu says:

    She is Always fantastic……….

  9. orex says:

    Wow great answers and so humble, good job charice and congratulations!!!

  10. lancecobi says:

    Wow, can’t wait for that new song called “Saved By A Love Song” to be released.

  11. lancecobi says:

    She even mentioned Baguio City in the Philippines! It’s actually the coldest place in the entire country. I’m from that place!!! so Chasters around the world, if ever you got to go to Baguio City, please tweet me @lancecobi. I love to meet you and I’d be willing to tour you around, heheheh! I love Charice! She’s my super idol! great interview btw.

  12. junah S. says:

    everybody loves charice….
    shes d sweetiest girl ….

  13. jay-o says:


  14. trabihcra says:

    Very good interview Guy, and once again we got another side of charice. Thanks!

  15. levi says:

    i love charice everything about her amazes me full of love and joyful

  16. JJ says:

    Awesome interview! Thank you for sharing this interview with us.
    Charice,we love your humbleness and keep inspiring us.

  17. Luisa says:

    I’m glad she mention her love of Japan fashion, I love her look everytime she is in Japan.. Love you charice!! I love all Japanese chasters also. HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!

  18. kat says:

    wow, love the interview! thank you for posting this!