Sat 2011.1.29 Birthday Bunny Burlesque!!

It’s almost my birthday (Feb 2) & the start of the Chinese Lunar Year of the Rabbit (Feb 3) – so I’d love you to celebrate with me.

You’re invited to..

Guy’s Birthday Bunny Burlesque Party!!

Saturday 2011.1.29

A night of Oriental desire & gorgeous people!!

Guy Perryman – lounge exotica showtunes
Sayoko Kamei (Inter FM) – shishi soul disco
Professor Electro – spunky pop
And more..

Erochica Bamboo – Tokyo’s #1 erotique burlesque
Deanne Love – electrifying hula hoop act
Egypt – hot electro pop band
Pine – idol boys
Won-kun – cute K-Pop dance show
Bunny Girl – sexy pole dancer

Plus more Burlesque naughtiness..

Ageha Salon, Shibuya
Lounge DJ Floor, Lovers Kissing Booths, Opium Den Bar
B1F 2-20-13 Shibuya-ku Higashi
Tel 03-5766-5911

¥2,000 /1 Drink

It’s the Year of the Rabbit so let’s hope it’s bouncing & bountiful just like happy bonking bunnies!!

Erochica Bamboo

Deanne Love




Sayoko Kamei

Birthday Bunny Boy

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  1. Tim Coulby says:

    love the design of the poster! who did the artwork?

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