UBIK at Eleven Friday 2011.7.22

Guy Perryman Black Card Members can enter this excellent club event at Eleven, Nishi Azabu for ¥2,500!!


2011.7.22 FRI

root & branch presents UBIK


Open: 22:00

¥3000 (with flyer)
¥2500 (Guy Perryman Black Card Members – you MUST have your card with you for the discount entry!!)

LONE (Magic Wire Recordings/R&S Records, UK)
Hiroshi Watanabe a.k.a Kaito (Kompakt/Klik Records)
No Milk (Rhapsody, Outergaze, Music Conception, Yore, Quintessentials)

Kaoru Inoue (seeds and ground)
Shutaro Tanizawa (PUBLICHOUSE)

Diskotopia Lounge:
BD1982 (Diskotopia, Seclusiasis)
A Taut Line (Diskotopia)
RLP (Cosmopolyphonic) – LIVE
Greg G (7even Recordings)
FYS aka BINGO (Wickedpedia)
Greeen Linez DJ (Diskotopia)
Am Rhein (Diskotopia)
plus More Special Guests

Flying Lotus meets Boards Of Canadaと評された最新作『Emerald Fantasy Tracks』は各メディア大絶賛、ベルギーの老舗レーベル[R&S]からリリースされた『Echolocations』はJames Blakeとも呼応するダブステップ以降のビートを独自のバレアリック感を持って提示、Resident Advisorでは4.5の高ポイントを獲得した最注目のニューカマーLONE、Four TetやCaribouが好きな人も要チェック! UKバレアリックの真骨頂!

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