Guy Perryman Shirt With Orihica

During Fashion Week Tokyo 2011 I was very happy that a shirt I designed in collaboration with Japanese fashion brand Orihica went on sale!!
I have always loved fashion, not for fashion’s sake (I’m not a label fanatic) but I figure if we must wear clothes then why not wear what makes us look & feel good. I have a simple dress sense for myself – simple black with a unique point. I was able to bring that out in this shirt I have designed.
The Guy Perryman shirt can be worn as a formal shirt or a light jacket. It has a mobile device sized breast pocket for people on the move who want to communicate or listen to music. It has 2 side pockets, because I always have to carry bits & pieces but dislike humping a bag around – ideal for cyclists like me!! The fabric is crisp black cotton, buttons are black pearl & the cuffs & collar have a hidden sporty detail inspired by a British racing winners flag. And I’m very happy that this shirt is 100% Japan Made – so the quality is superb.
I love this shirt & hope you will too!!
The Guy Perryman shirt is available at select Orihica stores including Gotanda, Kichijoji, Futako Tamagawa & on line.
Have a look in detail & purchase on line here

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