Goodbye Global Hello London!!

I’m very happy to announce from April 2nd 2012 I’ll be presenting a brand new daily program on 76.1 Inter FM.
LHR – London Hit Radio – will bring you the latest UK music, events, culture, fashion, guest interviews and London 2012 Olympics updates.
Over the past 21 years I’ve built a fantastic network of UK-Japan connections – this program will connect you too!!
Listen live Monday-Friday 11:30am-1:30pm
You’ll also be able to interact with LHR in real time on our Facebook page.

来たる4月2日 2012 から、76.1インターFMで新番組を担当することになりました。
その名も LHR – London Hit Radio
月~金 午前11:30~午後1:30 生放送! 是非お聴きください。

And that means I’m saying goodbye to Global Satellite which I’ve hosted every weekday for the past 3 years together with my wonderful co-host Sayoko Kamei. We’ve had such a laugh (on air & off!!). Sayoko and I have worked together for over 20 years – at FM Banana (yes really), Virgin Megastores and Inter FM. We’re both now keen to pursue different radio programs but I’m very happy that our new shows will be on air next door to each other from April. I want to thank Sayoko for being such a great colleague over the years. Last year she handled the March 11 earthquake entirely on her own live on air. I was not in Japan when the earthquake hit, as my father died the day before and I had already left the country. If I had been in Japan we would have been on the air together with our 10am-3pm Global Satellite broadcast. Sayoko ended up on air solo for 10 hours through the frightening confusion of that day. She deserves a huge round of applause and a big hug for that. Thankyou Sayoko for years of fun and I wish you the best for your new show Radio Disco. However we are the Tuck & Patti of radio so I’m sure we’ll be back on the air together again one day!!

この3年間、毎週月~金Global Satelliteをともにお送りしてきた最高の仲間、亀井佐代子さんともお別れ。一緒にいて本当に楽しかった!(オンエア・オフエア問わず!)
去年、3.11の東日本大震災のとき、佐代子さんはひとりで放送を乗り切ってくれた。ボクの父が震災の前日に亡くなって、震災が起こったときボクはもう日本にはいなかった。もしもボクが一緒にいてあげられてたら、Global Satelliteも2人で助け合えたよね。結局佐代子さんはあの日、緊迫した、状況がどうなるかも分からない中で怖かっただろうに、たったひとりで、10時間にもわたってオンエアを乗り切ってくれた。彼女の尽力は、本当に大きな大きな賞賛とハグに値するよ。
佐代子さん、長い間楽しかったよ、ありがとう。そして、新番組【Radio Disco】、がんばって! でもなんてったってボクらはDJ界のTuck & Pattiなんだから、いつか必ずまた一緒に番組できるって思ってるよ!

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