Vogue Japan Mitsuko Watanabe

Getting ready for Vogue magazine’s Fashion’s Night Out in Tokyo on Saturday September 8 2012 I chatted with Vogue Japan Editor in Chief Mitsuko Watanabe.

Interview in Japanese – click on the play button below to listen..

Mitsuko Watanabe

3 Responses to “Vogue Japan Mitsuko Watanabe”

  1. Dan C says:

    Guy, your OB recordings are always so clearly recorded. What do you use to record voice when you’re out and about? Looks like a phone?



  2. Guy Perryman says:

    Hi Dan
    I’m just using an i-Phone 4 Voice Memo function and edit on Garage Band.. somehow it all works!! Jeez when I started out in radio I was humping a reel to reel recorder around.. I’m a very happy man now!!

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