John Lydon Interview

Sex Pistols / Public Image Limited (PIL) legend John Lydon had a telephone conversation with me and Maddie on our Inter FM program LHR – London Hit Radio on Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th of January 2013.

Public Image Limited released the album This Is PIL in 2012 and are coming to Japan for live shows in April 2013.

We spoke with John at his home in LA.. the fax machine even butted in on our conversation, but I didn’t want to ask him too many questions, I just wanted him to talk..

Click on the play button below to listen.. not bollocks!!

John Lydon

4 Responses to “John Lydon Interview”

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  2. Nobuko Abe says:

    Guy-san, thank you for give me John Lydon Interview.
    I really like him.
    And it was very interesting what he speaks.

    The moment I heard on radio the music of “Sex Pistols” to a teenager, and at the same time was attracted I think, “I deal great amounts of damage to our brains now this music is” that I do not listen to dare very had to.
    By the time of 20s, became friends with Japanese musicians in Tokyo, and some people lost their way is receiving between the music of “Sex Pistols” in, I would be more trusted my instincts, actually bought the CD album after the age of 30
    I really think, talk of “Survival list” is significant.

    I think that most important thing is “think about own decision and live by own rythm, speed and trust someone who work with.

    I really appreciate about your interviewer job.

    Best Regards,

    Nobuko Abe

  3. Peter Alchin says:

    is the voice of hope, always has been. Its even worse now than the old days, always be vigilant against the smug, the comfortable, the contented, the point where evolution stopssss. A fractured world constantly needs re- welding. We need more brave poeple like Johnny, that fucking courage, to stand for change is all we got. Learn to-re-create yourselves resist- challenge- GROW and Go JOHNNY go!!!

    tHE NEED FoR R evOLUtion wIll NevER Go aWAAaayyyy!!

    Peter Alchin