Tokyotronica soundtrack first music released!!

Where You’re At (Tokyo)
K mix

Available now on all music platforms.

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First music release from the soundtrack to Supersonic Cities: Adventure 1 – Tokyotronica, a musical story written by Guy Perryman.

People ask “Where are you from?” but the Supersonic Cities Crew believe “It’s not where you’re from – it’s where you’re at”!

Where You’re At (Tokyo) celebrates the city with sounds of Tokyo in the mix – taiko drums, shinkansen bullet trains and a vocal inspired by the voice of the “yakiimo” baked potato vans. In the live show the music will be performed as a taiko drumming DJ jam.

This track launches the music genre Edotronica – mixing traditional Japanese instruments with electronica. Edo being the original name of Tokyo.

Supersonic Cities Crew are a group of musicians, singers, track makers, producers and remixers captained by Guy Perryman creating the soundtrack to the Supersonic Cities stories.

Track title: Where You’re At (Tokyo) K mix 6:10″
Artist: Supersonic Cities Crew
Release date: 28 July 2020
Label: Supersonic Cities Studios
The “mode mix” created by track maker and re-mixer K who has released music under a number of names and produced jingles for various Guy Perryman radio shows. Favourite Edo spot – Shibamata Taishakuten, Buddhist temple founded in 1629, its ferryboat designated as one of the 100 Soundscapes of Japan.

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