Tokyo Expresso becomes That Guy In Tokyo

Tokyo Expresso is morphing into the new weekly program – That Guy In Tokyo!!
After producing Tokyo Expresso every weekday since January I have decided to make some changes to the program – I want to make it a more interesting & lively listening experience & more connected to the coolest city in the world. By producing the program weekly I’ll be able to deliver a higher quality product.

Starting September listen to something brand spanking new – That Guy In Tokyo – a weekly audio blog of street savvy soundbytes from Tokyo & beyond. That Guy In Tokyo will be a more personal take on the amazing people & happenings I come across everyday in Tokyo – conversations, cool & quirky culture, events, inspiring interviews, music & more.

Another reason for going weekly is so I can dedicate more time to a wider variety of high quality programs including interviews in the Lounge & warm music DJ mixes on Air:Line. Do keep checking those program windows for boosted output!!
Thanks for riding Tokyo Expresso & please hang out with That Guy In Tokyo!!

If you are a Facebook user please join the Guy Perryman Group to get the latest scoop on programs & events. Tokyo Expresso Group on Facebook will be deleted soon so members please join the Guy Perryman Group – again many thanks for your continued support & enjoy all the new supersonic sounds on the way!!

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