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2009.2.27 Jet Set UK with Brigade

Friday, February 27th, 2009

A chat on the line to London with Brigade who were in Japan at the end of last year for British Anthems & have just scored a record deal in Japan, a chat on the line to London with The Wedding Present who are just about to arrive in Japan for their live tour plus Guy & Mari are about to jump onboard a Virgin Atlantic jet for London to produce some special editions of Jet Set UK from the UK – it’s jet setting all the way this week..

With Brigade (sorry no light backstage..)

The Wedding Present.


2009.2.26 Tokyo Expresso at THC

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

A wet & cold week but a hot & steamy brew from the streets of Tokyo with the Godfather of House Frankie Knuckles, a hip time at Tokyo Hipsters Club & more great clubbing this week in Tokyo..

With THC manager Takanori Inai.

THC fashion, books & art.

THC books, art & fashion.

THC exhibition event space with vintage fashion.

With Frankie Knuckles.


2009.2.20 Jet Set UK with The Subways

Friday, February 20th, 2009

Going crazy with The Subways, undiscovered UK artist The Xcerts have been confirmed for British Anthems, fashion week in London, a big English breakfast, Brit Award winners, NME Award nominees & more..

With The Subways.


2009.2.19 Tokyo Expresso with j-pop star!!

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Another action packed week from the streets of Tokyo with Johnny’s boyband Hikaru Genji star Junichi Yamamoto, Tokyo Made designer Kenji Shimizu of Kensscratch, an Omotesando boy & UK band The Subways tell us what they love about Tokyo & the Godfather of House Frankie Knuckles is in Tokyo this weekend.. whew!!..

With Hikaru Genji member Junichi Yamamoto.

With Kensscratch designer Kenji Shimizu.

With The Subways.

Omotesando boy Koike.


Whisky Live! 2009 February 22

Monday, February 16th, 2009

Whisky Live! is the premier event in Japan in the whisky lovers’ calendar.
February 22nd 2009 will see the 9th annual event, held again at Tokyo Big Site.
Join DJ/MC Guy Perryman, Mari Stone, distillery managers and blenders from Scotland & Japan, whisky writers and over 4,000 people for a day of fun, education and entertainment.

Guy Perryman Black Card members have the chance to win free passes to the event!! More below..

Whisky Live Japan 2009 is the world’s largest whisky event & you could be there for free!!
Whisky Live Japan is a 1 day event featuring whisky tasting, talks from whisky blenders from Scotland & Japan, blending competitions, cocktail making demonstrations, a whisky debate, chocolate booth, food, live entertainment, Guy is DJ & MC.
4 Guy Perryman Black Card members have the chance to win a free pass to the event on February 22 2009. There is 1 rule to win the ticket – you agree to be interviewed by Guy for his radio shows & you write 1 short blog before the event & 1 short blog after the event for Guy’s new website Presentific.
To win please email & tell him why you want to go to Whisky Live.
HINT – we are looking for 2 people who love whisky & 2 people who know very little about whisky but are interested.

この招待券を応募する前に、 以下の応募資格よく読んでください。


2009.2.13 Jet Set UK Whisky Live Special

Friday, February 13th, 2009

Join us for a wee dram as you can experience a little taste of Scotland in Japan, plus lot’s of love with Valentine’s Day in London & lot’s of new UK music..

David Croll from Whisky Live.


2009.2.12 Tokyo Expresso with Yoshiyuki

Thursday, February 12th, 2009

Fashion & passion from the streets of Tokyo with designer Yoshiyuki Ogata, sweet valentines in Harajuku & loving club nights..

With Yoshiyuki Harajuku shop staff & designer Yoshiyuki Ogata.

Omotesando girls Marina & Mayo.

Omotesando couple Yuta & Misa.


2009.2.6 Jet Set UK with Mystery Jets

Friday, February 6th, 2009

Jettsetters Mystery Jets join jetsetters Posh & Grime for an action packed Jet Setting UK with hot new UK music & hot chips!!

With Mystery Jets.


2009.2.5 Tokyo Expresso with Shojono Tomo

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Hot & steamy stuff from the cool streets of Tokyo including Tokyo Made fashion designer Shojono Tomo (Inoshi Daughter/Porno Invaders), Harajuku happy shoppers, Royksopp, live music to go & a Prime Minister who can’t read..

With designer Shojono Tomo.

On Omotesando with Koki & Azumi.

Harajuku store Nadia.

With Royksopp.