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Design Festa’s Stephen Lebovits

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

One of my favourite bi-annual events in Tokyo is coming up soon – Design Festa Vol.31 takes place Saturday May 15 & Sunday May 16 2010 at Tokyo Big Sight in Odaiba. Thousands of booths featuring design, art, fashion, film, music & .. well anything!!
Click on the play button below for a chat with Stephen Lebovits & discover that anything goes at Design Festa..
And click here for the Design Festa website

Stephen Lebovits at the Design Festa gallery cafe in Harajuku.
Click here for a chat with Stephen..

VS 900 LHR Time To Jet London To Tokyo

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Despite its reputation English food was rather fab..

Lunch at Brown’s in Cambridge – fish & chips, mushroom & kidney pot pie & a good bottle of white.

Pub lunch Southwark – bangers ‘n’ mash & a pint of Guinness.. followed by a loooong walk.

Itsu Hanover Square – sushi & salad bento & a fresh ginger juice.

London Heathrow – liquid lunch in the lounge.

VS900 at LHR – time to jet.

London Cabaret with Helen Noir

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

I had a brilliantly funny night out experiencing the latest cabaret culture in London with club superstar Helen Noir. Two of London’s rising stars in cabaret spinning off club culture are Bourgeois & Maurice who did a flawless & terrifyingly sharp show at Bistrotheque in Bethnel Green on a Thursday night. I hope to bring you more from Bourgeois & Maurice in the future but for now click on the play button below & get the latest on London’s cabaret culture with Helen Noir..
And check the Bourgeois & Maurice Myspace

Bourgeois & Maurice in full flight.
Photo: Darrell Berry.

Bourgeois & Maurice live music & visuals.

Loo art in Bistrotheque.

Characters in the loo Bistrotheque.

Getting lucky in the loo Bistrotheque.

Helen Noir.

Fabric Nightclub

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

I met up with 2 gentlemen from Fabric – one of London’s most successful & continually cutting edge clubs, who give us the lowdown on the latest on the floor (& where club people go off the floor). Click on the play button below for a conversation with Oli Marlow & Geoff Muncey the Fabric radio PR people..
And check the Fabric website.

Oli & Geoff from Fabric.

London Cabbies

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

I find a London Black Cab pit stop & the cabbies are refuelling with hot coffee. I bug them for a second & ask 2 cabbies for their favourite London spots. One tells me Waterloo Bridge for the best view of London, the other has dreams of living at 25 Lees Place, Mayfair – click on the play button below for a free ride..

London cabbies pit stop cafe EC2.

London Wall

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Built by the Romans the London Wall still survives in parts..

London Wall at the Museum of London, a 5 minute walk from St Paul’s Cathedral.

I discovered this part of the London Wall on a backstreet near the Tower of London.

Southwark Walk

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

In London I just walk & walk. After my Tower of London experience I crossed the Thames via Tower Bridge into Southwark & kept on walking..

Tower Bridge from the Tower of London.

Walking Tower Bridge.

Coat of arms on Tower Bridge.

The Tower from Tower Bridge.

Under the towers.

Tower Bridge Victorian drawbridge mechanics.

Southwark streets.

The modern in Southwark.

Spaceage Southwark.

Fake plastic trees.

HMS Belfast & Tower Bridge.

Weatherproof streets.

Borough Market – for fabulous fresh foods.

Replica of Sir Francis Drake’s Golden Hinde ship.

I escaped the Tower, but what about the Clink..

Clink Street arch.

Past, present, future Southwark.

Streets & skyline from Southwark.

Time to worship in my cathedral of choice – the Tate Modern. This time in the turbine hall I experience the big box by artist Miroslaw Balka. It is just that – a big steel box, with no light inside, just black velvet lined walls. You walk into the dark abyss. It was brilliant. Can you stop yourself before you crash into something or someone?

Looking heavenward.

The big box exterior.

Looking out from inside the big box.

Off With Yer Head!! I’m off to the Tower..

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

My adventures of returning to some favourite childhood spots in London continues at the Tower of London. I had a quick chat with a Yeoman Warder “Beefeater” – click on the play button below & see if you can keep your head on..

Arriving at the Tower of London.. by Tube?? Where’s my carriage!!

Err what century am I in..

The Tower.

Tower moat.

Tower entrance.

Tower & Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge from inside the Tower.

Play acting inside the Tower.

Squire & Faire Maiden.

The White Tower.

Majestic Tower Bridge.

The looming Tower.

Tower Tudor.

Off with my head!!

Yeoman Warder David Coleman – click on the play button below for the beef from a Beefeater..

Royal Air Force Museum

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

I love anything to do with aircraft & flying so I take myself off to my Dad’s recommended London spot – the Royal Air Force Museum on the site of the former Hendon London Aerodrome in Colindale.

Inside the main hangar.

RAF jet.

RAF bomber.

Play in a cockpit.

Play with an air traffic control simulator.


Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

A breath of fresh air & back to the part of the countryside where my family are from. A day in Cambridge..

Kings Cross to Cambridge – on time!!

On yer bike in Cambridge – colleges, students.. & bicycles.

College courtyard.

Fitzwilliam Museum.

Weathervane rooftop.

Gothic church window.

Church bell ringing ropes.

Bell ropes.

Inside the grand Kings College chapel.

Kings College chapel.

Kings College stained glass.

Kings College chapel spectacular vaulted ceiling. Breathe deep & you can feel the ghosts of history & hear the choir.

Punting on the River Cam.

Punting on the Cam.


Oh for the musty smell of the English countryside.