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Karl Hyde Of Underworld

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Karl Hyde a few times over the years – we’ve discussed his music & writing but this time we bark about dancing & painting.
Click on the play button below to listen..
Karl was in Tokyo for the opening of his first ever visual art exhibition at Laforet Museum, Harajuku running from 2010.8.25-9.15
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The new Underworld album Barking is released in Japan 2010.9.2 & Karl will return to Tokyo for Underworld shows in October!!
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With Karl Hyde.

Click here for cool dance moves with Karl hyde..

Naoki Shimizu Creativeman

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

One of Japan’s biggest summer music festivals Summer Sonic celebrated it’s 10th year in 2009 & now in 2010 Creativeman the promotions company that created the festival is celebrating 20 years in business.
I had a conversation with the man behind Creativeman Naoki Shimizu – click on the play button below to listen..
This interview is partly English/Japanese – thanks to Mari Stone for translation assistance.

With Naoki Shimizu.
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The Appartement Secret Tokyo Space

Monday, August 23rd, 2010

Seek & you shall find The Appartement.. you’re invited if you can find it. Anna & Toma talk about the ideas behind their new secret space in Tokyo..

Anna & Toma inside their Appartement.
Click here & evesdrop on a secret conversation..

Inter FM Live From Mini Ginza

Friday, August 20th, 2010

On Thursday 2010.8.19 I broadcast my Inter FM program Global Satellite live from Mini Ginza together with co-host Michael Rivas.
Our special guest was jazz pianist Junko Onishi..

Guy, Junko Onishi & Michael.

Mini Mini’s!!

Big brats!! err no.. Mini brats..

Mini Tokyo Night Cruising

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

I’ve been loving my convertible Mini that I was allowed to play with for a few days. I’ve been broadcasting my Inter FM program Global Satellite each week from Mini Ginza event space & the lovely people at Mini let me test drive one of their spunky cars.
On a hot & steamy Tokyo night I put the top down & went for a spin around town. I discovered one great thing about driving a convertible – everyone wants to talk to you. When I was stopped at the lights at Shibuya crossing loads of spunks checked out me & my car, winked, said hi & even yelled out nice car!!
I was doing this drive solo – I love just getting behind the wheel & driving around with no map & no plan. But I had a lot of company with friendly strangers on the streets of Tokyo thanks to my sexy convertible Mini..
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Inter FM Live From Mini Ginza

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

On Friday the 13th (woooooo) I broadcast my Inter FM program Global Satellite live from Mini Ginza together with co-host Michael Rivas.
Jaicko & Taio Cruz were our special guests..

Guy, Jaicko & Michael.

Guy, Taio Cruz & Michael.

Mini Driving Maximum Fun In Tokyo!!

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Once every week I’m broadcasting my Inter FM program Global Satellite live from the very cool Mini Ginza event space in Ginza, Tokyo & the lovely people at Mini gave me a convertible Mini to play with for a few days!! Together with my Mini Ginza program co-host Michael Rivas I took the spunky sporty little car for a spin from the Inter FM studios in Tenozu, to Shinagawa wharf overlooking Tokyo Bay with Rainbow Bridge, Odaiba & jets flying in to Haneda. Then we zoomed off to the lovely Omotesando..
For more about Mini Ginza check the website
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Off we go in our Mini..

Inter FM Live From Mini Ginza

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

Still recovering from Fuji Rock Festival & keeping the madness going I broadcast my Inter FM program Global Satellite live from Mini Ginza on Wednesday 2010.8.4 together with co-host Michael Rivas.
Scissor Sisters & Jason Derulo were our special guests..

Guy, Michael & Scissor Sisters.

Guy, Jason Derulo & Michael.

Guy & a fan from a fan!! Thankyou!!

Meet The Scissor Sisters 2010.8.4!!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

After a mentally fun (& wet) headlining show on Sunday night at Fuji Rock Festival The Scissor Sisters will be my special guests on my Inter FM program Global Satellite – broadcasting live from Mini Ginza Wednesday 2010.8.4
Come to the Mini Ginza event space at 12 noon & meet The Scissor Sisters!!
And come by at 2pm to meet Jason Derulo!!

MINI GINZAとInterFMがコラボレーション!!
毎週1回、平日の「Global Satellite を
MINI GINZAから生放送します。

次回の放送は8月4日 水曜日。
そして午後2時台にはJason Deruloさんをゲストにお迎えしてお送りします。

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Listen live on line at

Too Much Fuji Rock Fuuuun!!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Having too much fun at Fuji Rock 2010..
Live broadcasts from the Inter FM booth, interviews backstage & dancing ’til dawn..

With !!! Nick & friends at Luli’s ever fabulous Casino Milk Bar!!! Sun’s comin’ up but it’s not time for bed yet kids..

With MGMT.

With Go Chic.

With Matt & Kim (err.. Kim & Matt) & Inter FM’s Yuriko & Ali.

With !!! Nick (here we’re sober) & Yuriko on air at the Inter FM booth.

Yay I finally get to meet & interview Johnny Marr (& he’s a champ!!) with The Cribs & Yuriko on air.

With Taylor Hawkins (on right) & The Coattail Riders on air. Taylor said I must have looked like David Cassidy when I was a kid??

ooooooh.. but he’s got hair.

With Yuriko & French electro poppers Jamaica on air.

Kitty, Daisy & Lewis live on air at the Inter FM booth.
I had a brilliant cosmic coincidence during this interview – earlier that day I’d lost my very much loved Japanese fan, which is an essential (or possibly psychological) cooling tool in summertime, but when Lewis was on air he whipped my fan out of his pocket & said he’d found it in the mud at the festival!! Voila – my fan came back to me. But Lewis told me he really loved that fan.. so I had to let him keep it. He was a very happy boy & took a piece of Japan (& a piece of me) back home with him. You can just see my fan sticking out of Lewis’ breast pocket, together with his Camels & chopsticks (in case he gets hungry).

Misty mountains at Naeba. I sometimes spend more time zoning out at this view than watching bands.

There’s a great spider’s web here in the window of the hotel room.