Michael Jackson’s whoa’s & whoop’s

Michael’s whoa’s & whoop’s inspired me & producer Dennis Oliver. Click on the play button below..


2 Responses to “Michael Jackson’s whoa’s & whoop’s”

  1. James says:

    Do you happen to have a sound clip of MJ doing his famous Tee-Hee? or is it Hee-Hee? If you do have one, can you email it to me?


  2. Lesia Karro says:

    Only in death does the world recognise The King Of Pop’s true greatness Jacko’s death was, in my opinion, actually caused by all the emotional torture he had to go through over the course of all the allegations made against him. He didn’t lose in the the courts, however his health suffered greatly. So can you say his death was a single doctor’s fault, or perhaps the zeal with which our society judges before trial? This applies particularly to the rich and famous.

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