Supersonic Cities: Adventure 1 – Tokyotronica

A Tokyo inspired musical story written by Guy Perryman. The multimedia show is coming soon with the music released track by track from 2020.

Tokyotronica is set on the streets and in the skies of Tokyo starring a cast of cool and quirky showbiz characters broadcasting live on the air and in the air from their 747 jet studio.

Using the power of music the cast and crew must stop an evil tycoon who is invading electronic devices and screens with brainwashing technology. The adventure starts on the streets of Tokyo with a mysterious kid and a magical music making machine.

Introducing Edotronica – a new music genre born in Tokyo (formerly known as Edo) mixing traditional Japanese instruments with futuristic electronica.

Jay Wilde – DJ VJ.
Tixi To and the Tekno Gizmo – mysterious kid with a magical music making machine.
Tamantha Tickle – sassy pop star and mistress of disguise.
Derek Martini – showbiz song and dance man.
Desiree D’Veaux – brassy soul diva earth mama.
Ricky Stone – barely living legend rock star.

Bubby Burbage-Bankside – dramatic thespian stage director.
Rusty Sterling Silverman – high octane Hollywood producer.
The Captain – on the flight deck on the mic.
FO1 – flight deck first officer robot.
Georgie – backstage manager.
Voice Over Guy – voice over guy.
Voice Over Gal – voice over gal.
Dan Ankor – news anchor.
Pam Austin – news anchor.
Miss Understanding – cabin purser.
Poncy Jones – there’s always one in every crowd.
Vaquant Lott – every tin has a lid.
The Pot Plants – Aloe Vera, Hi Drangea, Hi Biscus, Hiya Cinth, Cactus Annie and Edo Mama – gossiping greenery in the green room.
Cocky – mimicking mascot cockatoo.
Fancy Poo – evil tycoon.

Skyliner Fleet:
Airborne 1 – 747 jet studio powered by airosonic thrust.
Airborne 2 – gyrocopter.
Flycycles – flying bicycles.

Supersonic Happy
Jet Set Club
Talking Tokyo
Omotesando Sampo (Summer)
Please Give The City My Love
Cat Street Beat

Where You’re At (Tokyo) [SASUKE mix]

Where You’re At (Tokyo) [K mix]

Where You’re At (Tokyo) [Matsuri mix]

Omotesando Sampo (Autumn)
Showbiz Is Go Biz
Look At Me I’m A Celebrity
Omotesando Sampo (Winter)
Samurai Bye Bye
With The Power Of Music
Omotesando Sampo (Spring)
Where You’re At
Where You’re At (Tokyo) Reprise
Stadium After Party Megamix
One Day Again

Soundtrack created and performed by Supersonic Cities Crew – a group of musicians, singers, voice actors, track makers, producers and remixers captained by Guy Perryman with music genres as diverse as the crew and destinations.

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世界を飛び回りライブ中継を行う飛行機スタジオ “Airborne 1” に搭乗する、個性的なキャスト達が繰り広げる Supersonic Cities シリーズが、東京の街中や上空を舞台とする物語として始動。
“Tekno Gizmo” と呼ばれる音楽生成装置を操る神秘的な少年 Tixi To と、あらゆる電子機器やスクリーンを乗っ取り、世界中の人々の洗脳を企む悪の巨頭 Fancy Poo を中心に、東京を舞台に展開する物語。
日本の伝統楽器とエレクトロニカの要素を融合させた、東京生まれの新しい音楽ジャンル、それが “Edotronica” 。

Tokyotronica is set on the streets…

… and in the skies of Tokyo.

Where You’re At (Tokyo) [SASUKE mix]

Where You’re At (Tokyo) [K mix]

Where You’re At (Tokyo) [Matsuri Mix]

Talking Tokyo – Yamanote line Tixi chase scene artwork.

The red flashing lights of the Tokyo skyline transmit music and mysterious messages across the city and inspire the soundtrack.

Tixi’s subterranean techno pad – a former sento bath house behind a door, behind a tree, behind Cat Street in Harajuku.

Tixi and the Tekno Gizmo first appeared as a radio drama written and narrated by Guy Perryman in the CD/book series Tokyo Pirate FM released in 1995.

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