Warm Music Concept

Music is my all time great love – it makes me happy, smile, laugh, cry, swoon, dance;
it inspires me, teaches me, shares with me, challenges me;
I can sleep with it & the next day when I wake up it still loves me..

I use the expression Warm Music to describe the music I love – it’s music you can dance to or chill to, from any genre.. with a warm element.

I’m communicating directly with musicians, producers & labels who are creating new sounds & want their music broadcast in new media. The on-line broadcasting fees for major labels are prohibitively high so you won’t hear many major label artists in the mixes on my website.

I have the utmost respect for artists & believe they should be paid for their talent – I will never let people download music for free from my website, unless an artist specifically requests.

My role here is to “keep the music alive” – introduce & promote the music I love. I believe (& hope) on-line media can be as valuable (if not more so) than traditional radio.

I just love Warm Music.

Guy Perryman

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