Hobbies & Fun

“What is your favourite music?” is the question I am asked most and it is extremely difficult to answer because I like such a huge range of styles. But to break it down over the decades – my parents introduced me to jazz, lounge and show tunes; my sisters introduced me to progressive rock; in my teens with my friends we discovered punk & new wave; in the 80’s I became a DJ just in time for house music; in the 90’s I spun acid jazz, UK club & brit pop; the 2000’s ushered in electronic, deep house, minimal techno & post rock; today I’m listening to it all.

Music is my passion. I am a frustrated musician – which is why I became a DJ. One day I will learn to play something. In the meantime I constantly explore new music.

Travel is my other passion. I am a frustrated pilot – so going anywhere in a big jet is my favourite journey.

I have explored some amazing places and had some wonderful adventures including safari in Botswana; parasailing in Thailand; ballooning in Australia; learning the bongo’s and skinnydipping (not at the same time unfortunately) in Cuba; snowboarding with popstars in Japan; floating on the Mekong in Cambodia; playing with snakes and monkeys in Singapore; playing with iguanas in Mexico; braving the surf in Hawaii; exploring a haunted mansion in Hong Kong; dining on a cliffside in Bali; haggling on the street in Shanghai; eating and drinking in Tuscany and enjoying the good life in the world’s great cities – London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Prague, New York, LA, Sydney, Barcelona and beyond..

I love to explore Tokyo on my bicycle, get in onsen hot water, swim, eat good food, drink good wine, write adventure stories, draught maps for imaginary cities, stargaze, daydream..

Helicopter flight over Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 1999.

Safari elephants Botswana 1999.

Safari elephant up close Botswana 1999.

Safari lions Botswana 1999.

My favourite restaurant in the world – on the cliffs, next to the sea, under the sky, Bali.

Life on the Mekong River, Cambodia 1996.

Exploring a mysterious mansion in the clouds above Hong Kong 2003.

Gothic Prague under a summer thunderstorm sky 2007.

Sky high New York 2008.

On the road to Havana 2004.

On the street Havana 2004.

Ballooning in Australia 2005.

Electric city Toronto 2007.

The Tate Modern London.

My all time favourite installation at the Tate Modern London 2004.

A favourite view from my favourite city.

Winging to London.

Winging to Tokyo.

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