Family Legacy

I definitely inherited an adventurous spirit and a lust for life from my grandparents.

My grandfather Richard “Dick” Perryman was a jockey (I updated the tradition to disc jockey). He and my granny P explored the world in the golden age of sea travel. They taught me the Charleston dance, how to have a good laugh at life and how to mix a good gin & tonic.

My maternal grandfather Lionel Long is a descendant of William Longespee a signatory of the Magna Carta. He and my grannie Long were farmers in Africa and England and told me many tales of their adventures – including eloping.

My father Richard John Perryman was an officer of the Royal Navy hence our travels when I was young and my mother Josephine was always involved in theatre so I spent a lot of my childhood backstage fascinated by the machinations of creativity and fantasy. The mystery and magic of travel and entertainment continue to be my great loves in life.

May the adventures continue..

My jockey grandfather Richard “Dick” Perryman 1920’s.

His entry in the National Horseracing Museum website

Painting of grandfather Richard “Dick” Perryman on Pillion – winner of the 1926 1000 Guineas, England.

Richard Perryman cigarette card.

My smokin’ golfer grandfather Perryman!!

My maternal grandfather Lionel Long in Cambridge, England 1930’s.

Grandfather Long pointing out a pheasants nest at the family home Camois Hall, Wooditton, Suffolk, England.

Camois Hall 1952.

A favourite photo of my parents dancing onboard Italian cruise ship Angelina Lauro 1968.

Guy at Dick Perryman Court, named after jockey grandfather in Newmarket, England the home of horse racing.

Guy on grandfather Dick Perryman’s commemorative seat outside the jockey’s weighing room at Newmarket Racecourse, England.

The plaque on the seat dedicated to my grandparents.

Dad teaching me to ride in Singapore 1967.

With my sisters about to set sail on Angelina Lauro 1968.

7 Responses to “Family Legacy”

  1. Sue Colyer (Perryman) says:

    Hello Guy, I believe we are cousins… My Dad was Richard ‘Dick ‘Perryman son of Tom Perryman (Starter at the races) and Richard ‘Dick’ Perryman’s brother. I was really pleased to see these photo’s. But do you know the families background from 1870 ish? You may be interested. If so please contact me. We may be able to swap notes.

    Regards. Sue

  2. Peter Perryman says:

    Hi, my father “Jimmie”Perryman was a cousin to Dick Perryman and I remember well my Father backing Airborne (trained by Dick) in 1945 or 1946. My Dad won a lot of money on that race (so did a lot of his friends)! My Dad was very involved with Pony racing when it started up after the war, he wrote a couple of books and published a racing paper. I think he said that Dick had some sort of accident (car)? and had to give up being a jockey so turned to training. I found your website by accident and just thought I would make a comment here, take care, all the best, Peter.

  3. DAVID STEIN, Toronto says:

    Just thought of dick, because of the recent Derby.

    Had supper with Dick in Vancouver, in the 1960s, at Uncle Bob Hyams’ home. It was so long ago, really, that I’m not sure if Dolly accompanied him. Dick was in a wheelchair.

    Dolly was Lilian Hyams’ (nee Eagle’s) cousin.

    My brother, Bob Stein, visited them in Newmarket, decades ago, and Dick offered him a summer job he was unable to take.

    Corresponded with your father about 15 years ago, who sent me some excerpts of a book by/about Dick, but, I must confess, I lost them many computers ago.

    Lilian (“Poppy”) was, actually, my great aunt, widow of Alfred Hyams, my real grandfather’s brother (long story). She was born in Newmarket in 1895.

    Hope to hear from you. I, too, BTW, was a professional actor for many years.


    David Stein
    (now of Toronto)

  4. Your 6g grandfather was John Beedle 1681-1781. He had two wives and 21 children. He was my 5g grandfather.

    The inscription in his first wife’s wedding ring was “As God is my judge, I will make thee my drudge”.

    I have records of thousands of his descendants.

    Your grandmother, Helen Violet Beedle was my 4th cousin 1x removed.

  5. Just a kind of ‘shot in the dark’…is there a family link?
    I’m an artist…my website.
    any chance that we might connect ? Peter, my brother, in Australia, I believe, is already in touch with you..
    Here’s hoping !
    margot Perryman