Spanish Pearl


In 2006 dining and drinking pals Guy Perryman and Craig Mosely had an inspired moment at a sumptuous hotel overlooking Hong Kong harbour.

As a glass of gazpacho was served with a side of fresh oysters it suddenly seemed like a good idea to add ice and a shot of vodka and create a hybrid Bloody Mary. The waiter obliged and the “80 proof” gazpacho returned to the table and spontaneously oysters were flung into each of the glasses. Voila a new cocktail!!

Over a second glass of this hearty pleasure the conversation turned to a name. Bloody Oyster, Mexican Mary, Hong Kong High? Gazpacho is from Spain. And in such lush surroundings an oyster is a pearl and Hong Kong is nestled on the Pearl River Delta. Perfect. The Spanish Pearl an amorous aperitif was born.


One litre tomato based vegetable juice
Half an onion
Half a capsicum
Two peeled cucumbers
Clove of garlic
Splash of olive oil
Shake of salt & pepper
Throw everything into a blender and blend into liquid. Pour into jug and refrigerate.

Prepare two (you should never drink a Spanish Pearl alone) chilled double shot size glasses.
In each glass a couple of cubes of ice, shot of quality vodka, top up with the chilled gazpacho, toss in a fresh natural oyster, add a swizzle stick and stir. Garnish with a slice of peeled cucumber. Presto – a Spanish Pearl.


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