2022 Countdown Lounge Mix

January 2nd, 2022

Some new year listening for you with this new mix of music. Join me at the Park Hyatt Tokyo 2022 Countdown Lounge as I DJ’d in a bamboo forest under a glass pyramid ceiling on the 41st floor with the music theme “Radio Around The World” – flying to Sydney, Shanghai, Cairo, Tel Aviv, Dubai, Paris, London, New York and Rio de Janeiro. This is a compilation of my mixes recorded on the night plus the back beats for the live music / DJ jams with the Philip Woo Band who also performed on the night.


New Year’s Eve 2022 Countdown Lounge

December 1st, 2021

Guy Perryman is your DJ for the Park Hyatt Tokyo Peak Lounge New Year’s Eve 2022 Countdown Lounge!!

The DJ music concept is “Radio Around The World” with a selection of smooth, soul, acid jazz and electro lounge tunes inspired by global city destinations.

Philip Woo and his soul, jazz band will be performing live, plus live + DJ “jam sessions” with Guy.

The evening is socially distanced, all reserved seating only, free-flow Champagne with live kitchen and full table service in the fabulous Peak Lounge with pyramid glass ceiling, bamboo forest, stunning projections and of course the thrilling Tokyo skyline view from the 41’st floor!!

Friday 31 December 2021 9:00pm – 1:00am

Information and reservations www.hyatt.com

今年は“Radio Around The World”をテーマに、ラジオパーソナリティやナレーターとしても知られ、大英帝国勲章を受賞したガイ ペリマン氏がDJとして登場。80年代英国のクラブシーンを席巻したアシッドジャズ、エレクトリックラウンジミュージックのほか、Philip Woo(ピアノ&キーボード)、Chloe(ヴォーカル)、Harumo Imai(サックス)、Keith Williamson(ベース)が奏でるファンクミュージック、ネオ・ソウル、R&Bのグルーヴィーなリズムが「ピーク ラウンジ&バー」に心地よく響きます。
特別な祝福の瞬間に相応しいシャンパンとして、「アール ド ルイナール」、「ドン ペリニヨン ヴィンテージ2012」あるいは「クリュッグ グラン キュヴェ」のいずれかをお選びいただき、ワイン、ウィスキー、カクテル、モクテルなどとともにフリーフローで提供するほか、ライブキッチンで仕上げられるシェフ特製メニューの数々も贅沢な時間を彩ります。世界的に活躍するガイ ペリマン氏によるパフォーマンスとともに、エキサイティングで華やかなクライマックスのひとときをお過ごしください。

2021/12/31 金曜日 21:00 – 1:00

Information and reservations www.hyatt.com

Christmas Hummingbird

November 1st, 2021

Give the gift of music for the festive season and when we can’t be together Christmas Hummingbird delivers the joy!!

Harmonious acoustic pop song by The Watanabes with melancholy lyrics, soaring strings, angelic choir and heart-warming spirit.

A new Christmas classic is here…

Christmas Hummingbird began its journey as the folk inspired song Hummingbird by The Watanabes (British brothers Duncan and Selwyn Walsh) on their 2017 EP Spoiled and Nostalgic.

Guy started spinning Hummingbird every December thinking the song had a Christmas feel and in early 2020 approached The Watanabes with the remix idea – adding festive flourishes, tweaking the lyrics and re-releasing as a Christmas season tune.

The brothers agreed and asked their regular studio collaborator and producer David Naughton to re-work the track and “Christmas Hummingbird” was on its way.

Guy brought in composer Nicholas Buc, who has conducted for many major international symphony orchestras, to write the string arrangement; Naughton recruited his three young children (locked-down at home) as the Christmas carolling choir with an arrangement by musician Matt Hogan; the final mix was mastered at Abbey Road Studios.

The result is a Christmas classic to enjoy season after season!!

数年前 The Watanabes がリリースした楽曲 “Hummingbird” を聴くたびに、いつもどこかクリスマスの雰囲気を感じていました。そこで制作チームが集結しクリスマスバージョンとしてリミックス。これからのホリデーシーズンにぴったりの “Christmas Hummingbird” として各音楽配信プラットフォームにて配信がスタートしました!!

Available on all music platforms including:

Amazon Music

Apple Music

iTunes Store



The Band: The Watanabes

British brothers Duncan and Selwyn Walsh formed The Watanabes in the summer of 2005 while living in rural Ehime prefecture in Japan. Watanabe is a common family name of the region, so with a touch of whimsy they chose the name, alluding to British band The Smiths, while also being inspired by Toru Watanabe the protagonist in Haruki Murakami’s novel Norwegian Wood.

The Watanabes jangly pop sound has drawn comparison to melodious artists including Belle and Sebastian, Pale Fountains and Crowded House, while Time Out have called them “Tokyo’s answer to The Smiths”.

Other founding members of the group and a number of diverse musicians have contributed to the band’s recordings and live performances through the years.

The Watanabes have featured regularly on the BBC Introducing Series in the UK and in 2017 they performed live from Tokyo as part of BBC Introducing’s 10th Anniversary celebrations.


The Producer: David Naughton

From Glasgow, Scotland and currently living in Japan, Naughton has worked as producer, technician, studio musician, live performer, writer or arranger for an array of artists including Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue, Teenage Fanclub, Belle and Sebastian, Stephen Duffy & The Lilac Time, Nick Carter, Busted, Will Young, Geri Halliwell, Rachel Goswell, Mojave 3 and many others. He has produced for The Watanabes since their second album You’re Dancing I’m Absorbed released in 2011.

The Strings Arranger: Nicholas Buc

Australian composer, conductor, arranger, violinist and pianist whose commissioned works have been premiered by the Royal Melbourne Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, The Australian Voices, and the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra with selected works screened at festivals and theatres around Australia, Asia and the US. Buc has written for film and television; conducted live-in-concert world premieres of Star Wars, Close Encounters of the Third Kind,The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Harry Potter; worked with Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, Chris Botti, Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds, Tina Arena and Nick Cave; written arrangements for Missy Higgins, Passenger, Eskimo Joe and The Whitlams; and worked on five seasons of The Voice Australia.


The Carolling Choir Arranger: Matt Hogan

Boston based musician, arranger and former member of The Watanabes.

The Visual Artist: Marina Elphick

The Walsh’s cousin Elphick is a professional visual artist specializing in batik art for over 30 years who’s work, including painting and drawing has been regularly commissioned for portraits and book covers. With her love of flora, fauna and mythical themes the hummingbird is a regular motif in Elphick’s work and a detail of one of her paintings was reimagined with a wintry effect for the Christmas Hummingbird artwork.


The Graphic Designer: Hitomi Tsuchiya

The Watanabes white and red text logo was created by Tsuchiya in 2009 and has been used on all The Watanabes releases since.


The Executive Producer: Guy Perryman

Bio link

Christmas Hummingbird


If I were a hummingbird, I would cross the sea and I’d fly to you

Sail across the open fields, land upon your window and sing for you

Soaring the skies with wide open eyes, deep into the blue

Braving the seas, take wing with the breeze, come calling to you

And if you listen with your heart, then you’ll hear my tune

You can open up your window, and let the moonlight inspire you

If I were a hummingbird, I would cross the sea and I’d fly to you

Traveling a thousand miles, bringing a surprise with the morning dew

From flowers and trees drift sweet melodies sung only for you

Long into the night, the moon shining bright, when dreams can come true

And if you listen with your heart, then you’ll hear my tune

You can open up your window, and let the moonlight inspire you

Christmas Eve fall asleep, I won’t say goodbye

‘Cause if you listen with your heart then you’ll hear my lullaby


Christmas Eve fall asleep, I won’t say goodbye

‘Cause if you listen with your heart then you’ll hear my lullaby

(Written by Duncan Walsh, Selwyn Walsh, David Naughton, Guy Perryman)

Happy Halloween Pumpkin Beings

October 1st, 2021

A positive song and message for the spooky season!!

Happy Halloween by Pumpkin Beings is a theatrical and celebratory Halloween pop song first released in 2020 for your stay home, stay safe or go completely bonkers Halloween party!!

The song’s lyrics encourage young people to “be who you want to be for today and for life” with a sassy attitude and defiant anti-bullying anti-trolling stance.

While DJ’ing for Halloween parties over the years Guy Perryman realised the dance floors needed more Happy Halloween music – he wrote it and here it is…

Happy Halloween by Pumpkin Beings

Available here on all music platforms

Be a Pumpkin Being too and dance to Happy Halloween in Halloween costume and share your photos and videos on social media with the hashtag #pumpkinbeings

And here are the Pumpkin Beings…

YURI – Vocals

Soul diva who was accepted to Berklee College of Music on a scholarship; is regularly in the recording studio and on the live stages of Japan and the US with artists including Chaka Khan, Diana Ross, Toshinobu Kubota, AI and Dreams Come True; has sung on numerous soundtracks and TV commercials and has released her own original songs.


Endigo – Producer / Vocals

Swedish musician and composer who has released over 100 songs on YouTube, with over half a million subscribers and over 100,000,000 views; featured multiple times by some of the world’s biggest YouTubers including PewDiePie, DanTDM and Ninja; original music ranges from rock to electronic to full-scale big band swing.


Maya Fennec – Visuals / Vocals

Singer and visual artist for several bands in Sweden and Japan; has toured internationally with Japanese singers; currently active as a solo artist in Tokyo and performing with ensembles ranging from classic jazz to modern rock; collaborator with fellow Swedish musician Endigo on multiple releases and creating the artwork and animation for several hit videos on YouTube.



Guy Perryman – Executive Producer / Songwriter / Voices

Happy Halloween Lyrics

Happy Halloween I’m a Pumpkin Being come out and dance with me tonight

Happy Halloween be who you want to be for today and for life

Trick or treat, have fun be sweet it’s a kooky party scene

Haha Haha Happy Halloween

A holiday with spirits from the past

Light the jack o’lantern let’s have a blast

The beat goes boom, the ghosts go whoo

Costumes and faces, say cheese, say boo

DJ’s spinning Thriller on the killer dance floor

And the Pumpkin Beings scream more more more

Happy Halloween I’m a Pumpkin Being come out and dance with me tonight

Happy Halloween be who you want to be for today and for life

Trick or treat, cheeky peeks it’s a spooky party scene

Haha Haha Happy Halloween

Bullies and trolls get out of my way I’m coming through

And don’t even bother coz we’re not looking at you

This is my day and I’m feeling free

I am now who I want to be, I am me

Imagine yourself under full moonlight

Shining stars on the stage of life

Enjoy the show and spectacular scenes

Because now you’re together Pumpkin Beings

Skeletons, skulls, spiders, spooks

Witches, warlocks, wizards, kooks

Pumpkings, Queens and everyone in between

They are all welcome in this scene

Because it’s a Haha Haha Haha Haha Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween I’m a Pumpkin Being come out and dance with me tonight

Happy Halloween be who you want to be for today and for life

Trick or treat, have fun, be sweet it’s a kooky party scene

Haha Haha Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween all you Pumpkin Beings come out and dance with us tonight

Happy Halloween be who you want to be for today and for life

Scream out loud one more time every Pumpkin Being

Haha Haha Happy Halloweeeeen!!


September 1st, 2021

Supersonic Cities: Adventure 1 – Tokyotronica

A Tokyo inspired musical story written by Guy Perryman. The multimedia show is coming soon with the music released track by track from 2020.

Tokyotronica is set on the streets and in the skies of Tokyo starring a cast of cool and quirky showbiz characters broadcasting live on the air and in the air from their 747 jet studio.

Using the power of music the cast and crew must stop an evil tycoon who is invading electronic devices and screens with brainwashing technology. The adventure starts on the streets of Tokyo with a mysterious kid and a magical music making machine.

Introducing Edotronica – a new music genre born in Tokyo (formerly known as Edo) mixing traditional Japanese instruments with futuristic electronica.

Jay Wilde – DJ VJ.
Tixi To and the Tekno Gizmo – mysterious kid with a magical music making machine.
Tamantha Tickle – sassy pop star and mistress of disguise.
Derek Martini – showbiz song and dance man.
Desiree D’Veaux – brassy soul diva earth mama.
Ricky Stone – barely living legend rock star.

Bubby Burbage-Bankside – dramatic thespian stage director.
Rusty Sterling Silverman – high octane Hollywood producer.
The Captain – on the flight deck on the mic.
FO1 – flight deck first officer robot.
Georgie – backstage manager.
Voice Over Guy – voice over guy.
Voice Over Gal – voice over gal.
Dan Ankor – news anchor.
Pam Austin – news anchor.
Miss Understanding – cabin purser.
Poncy Jones – there’s always one in every crowd.
Vaquant Lott – every tin has a lid.
The Pot Plants – Aloe Vera, Hi Drangea, Hi Biscus, Hiya Cinth, Cactus Annie and Edo Mama – gossiping greenery in the green room.
Cocky – mimicking mascot cockatoo.
Fancy Poo – evil tycoon.

Skyliner Fleet:
Airborne 1 – 747 jet studio powered by airosonic thrust.
Airborne 2 – gyrocopter.
Flycycles – flying bicycles.

Supersonic Happy
Jet Set Club
Talking Tokyo
Omotesando Sampo (Summer)
Please Give The City My Love
Cat Street Beat

Where You’re At (Tokyo) [SASUKE mix]

Where You’re At (Tokyo) [K mix]

Where You’re At (Tokyo) [Matsuri mix]

Omotesando Sampo (Autumn)
Showbiz Is Go Biz
Look At Me I’m A Celebrity
Omotesando Sampo (Winter)
Samurai Bye Bye
With The Power Of Music
Omotesando Sampo (Spring)
Where You’re At
Where You’re At (Tokyo) Reprise
Stadium After Party Megamix
One Day Again

Soundtrack created and performed by Supersonic Cities Crew – a group of musicians, singers, voice actors, track makers, producers and remixers captained by Guy Perryman with music genres as diverse as the crew and destinations.

For enquiries email guy@guyperryman.com

世界を飛び回りライブ中継を行う飛行機スタジオ “Airborne 1” に搭乗する、個性的なキャスト達が繰り広げる Supersonic Cities シリーズが、東京の街中や上空を舞台とする物語として始動。
“Tekno Gizmo” と呼ばれる音楽生成装置を操る神秘的な少年 Tixi To と、あらゆる電子機器やスクリーンを乗っ取り、世界中の人々の洗脳を企む悪の巨頭 Fancy Poo を中心に、東京を舞台に展開する物語。
日本の伝統楽器とエレクトロニカの要素を融合させた、東京生まれの新しい音楽ジャンル、それが “Edotronica” 。

Tokyotronica is set on the streets…

… and in the skies of Tokyo.

Where You’re At (Tokyo) [SASUKE mix]

Where You’re At (Tokyo) [K mix]

Where You’re At (Tokyo) [Matsuri Mix]

Talking Tokyo – Yamanote line Tixi chase scene artwork.

The red flashing lights of the Tokyo skyline transmit music and mysterious messages across the city and inspire the soundtrack.

Tixi’s subterranean techno pad – a former sento bath house behind a door, behind a tree, behind Cat Street in Harajuku.

Tixi and the Tekno Gizmo first appeared as a radio drama written and narrated by Guy Perryman in the CD/book series Tokyo Pirate FM released in 1995.

Tokyotronica Matsuri Music Track Released

August 27th, 2021

Enjoy a virtual Tokyo matsuri festival with this live Taiko drumming DJ jam with the hypnotic sound of cicadas, the city skyline as the backdrop and the crowd all joining in the Bon Odori dance as the scene morphs onto a nightclub dancefloor!!

The latest release from the soundtrack to Supersonic Cities: Adventure 1 – TOKYOTRONICA – Tokyo inspired musical story written by Guy Perryman.


Guy Perryman作の東京を舞台とするミュージカルストーリーSupersonic Cities: Adventure 1 – Tokyotronicaのサウンドトラックに収録される楽曲の1つがリリース。

Where You’re At (Tokyo) [Matsuri mix]


Available here on all music platforms

People ask – where are you from? The Supersonic Cities Crew answer – it’s not where you’re from, it’s where you’re at…

SUPERSONIC CITIES CREW are a group of musicians, singers, voice actors, track makers, producers and remixers captained by Guy Perryman creating the soundtrack to the Supersonic Cities stories, with music genres as diverse as the crew and destinations.

Remixer: K – track maker who has released music under various names, produced game music and radio jingles.

Taiko Drums: British Embassy Tokyo Taiko Team – David Mulholland and James Carter.

Yakimo Singing Vocals: Mari Stone – soulful diva.

Executive Producer: Guy Perryman MBE – radio DJ, voice actor, event producer and writer.

TOKYOTRONICA soundtrack launches the music genre Edotronica – mixing traditional Japanese instruments with electronica. Edo being the original name of Tokyo.

More music and audio show coming soon…

Behind The Scenes Of The Matsuri Mix Photo Shoot

August 26th, 2021

Welcome to the Supersonic Cities Studios soundstage for a behind the scenes look at the photo shoot for the cover artwork of Where You’re At (Tokyo) [Matsuri mix]…

Desktop extendable mini soundstage and wooden box scenery backdrop fly tower.

Sound stage studio backdrop floordrop.

CD case cityscape scenery backdrop.

Toy Taiko drum prop.

The cicada movie star Sumi the semi and stunt double Sami the semi.

The Taiko drumming cicada photo shoot.

The photos are sent to the Supersonic Cities digital art department for the final “re-animation”!!

With thanks to the Supersonic Cities Studios creative team. No animals were hurt in this photo shoot.

Guy Perryman Radio Show Behind The Scenes Video

August 20th, 2021

People often ask me how do I prepare my radio show – join me behind the scenes and in the studio with this video…


Citizen Watch Video Narration

August 19th, 2021

Discover the story of Citizen watches in this video narrated by Guy Perryman…

YouTube link www.youtube.com/GuyPerryman

Honda Safety Video Narration

August 18th, 2021

Have a look and listen to this Honda safety video narrated by Guy Perryman…

YouTube link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgsPKsNU4Es